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My parcel is saying delivered and I haven’t reception?


My Parcel saying received but I haven’t received it yet!
Have been received.
has been placed
China Post EMS22/07/2022
in transit. Arrival at UK mail processing centre. arrive.
【UK mail processing center】,Arrival at UK mail processing centre
China Post EMS21/07/2022
Clearing customs. out of stock. The mail is out of stock.
【Customs clearance completed】,Customs clearance completed
China Post EMS20/07/2022
in transit. Arrival (Import customs keep it for inspection), The import customs keep it for inspection. arrive.
[Import customs keep it for inspection], The import customs keep it for inspection
China Post EMS19/07/2022
in transit. Arrival (UK customs), customs clearance is in progress. arrive.
【UK Customs】,customs clearance is in progress
China Post EMS18/07/2022
in transit. Arrival (UK Airport), Arrive at England Airport. arrive.
【UK Airport】, Arrive at England Airport
China Post EMS17/07/2022
in transit. leave. leave. Departed from airport
Departed from airport
China Post EMS17/07/2022
in transit. Arrival (terminal), Arrived at airline. arrive.
【Airport】,Arrived at airline
China Post EMS16/07/2022
in transit. Departing (Shenzhen Processing Center), next stop (terminal), Departed from post office. leave.
【Shenzhen Processing Center】, next stop 【Terminal】, Departed from post office
China Post EMS15/07/2022
in transit. Arrival (Shenzhen Processing Center), Arrived to post office. arrive.
【Shenzhen Processing Center】,Arrived to post office

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Hi Mark crooks,

You'd better contact Royal Mail to check it for you if you don't receive it. The seller should give you a solution if you couldn't receive it at last.

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