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my parcel stuck at guangzhou processing center?


could you please check my parcel cp302121319my and cp302121058my? i check this two parcel arrived on 30 MAY 2018 and 31 MAY 2018 at Goungzhou, China. This two parcel still dont arrived to receiver. Why this could be happen ? almost 1 month stuck at there. anyone can tell me what happen?

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Your parcels are stuck at Guangzhou processing center since June 1. You'd better let the receiver in China contact China Post to ask how to get it. Call 11183 then press 8 for English service.
Hi would you please check my package # ch065907718us ? I check this package had been arrived at Guangzhou on 02 April 2019 . When will be deliver to the receive????? And would you please update all the tracking information so we know what is going on for my package . Thank you!
Hi Sharon,

Could you please contact the recipient in China successfully. If you can, contact him to ask if he has received it. Tracking may stops updating after that.
Can you please find where my package is? Can't seem to locate it via the tracking website I was given. tracking number LL076032710CN. Said it arrived at Processing center on 8th of April and then "delivered" to "Proper Investment" on 12th April. I don't know what that means and it definitely hasn't been delivered to me...
Thank you!
Hi Gerry Mavrogiannis,

It means it was delivered successfully on 12th April. If you don't get it, please contact Australia Post as soon as possible to reflect the problem.
Can you tell me when my package is to arrive to canada?
Hi shawn,

It's still in transit in China now. It usually takes about 30-60 days to be delivered to Canada.

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What does it mean?
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Thank you so much in advance

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