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Need to know if 5 packages has reached postal center

Asked by Ssardine | 10/13/2016 1:09:59 PM

Hello, I have shipped the following 5 packages as follows LC977090483US, LC977090470US, LC977090364US, LC977090378US, LC977090466US to Juhechuangyi Garden, jiahe street, 2nd floor, 3rd building, bayun district, guangdong province, China 510400. I would appreciate any information you have in regards to these packages as they were shipped on 07/02/2016. Your timely response is greatly appreciated. I can be reached on the email I have listed. Thank you.

1 Answer(s)

David 10/13/2016 8:30:06 PM

Sorry, the 5 packages couldn't be tracked in both USPS and China Post tracking system. Three months have been passed since you shipped them out, it should be in the receiver's hand. Have you contacted the receiver to ask if he has got it?

I think you used USPS first class mail to ship them. If so, they couldn't be tracked and no one knows if it has been in China or delivered successfully now. You'd better make sure the receiver doesn't get it and call USPS to check the problem.

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