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My brother who is in Hunan (China) sent a package to me in Wenzhou , China on 28 september 2016 but the package has not arrived yet. i tried tracking it , but the last update on that package was on 1 October 2016 where it shows that it left the sorting area of jinhua city, china. no further updates on my package have been made. i feel very inconvenienced because it has been over a month and i havent received my package. please fix this. My tracking number is 1057980485320

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Hi Gloria,

Sorry, no one could help you track this package. It's sent by China Post ordinary packet plus which is not registered. So, there will be no update in tracking system. It usually needs about one or two months for this kind of package to reach the destination country. You can only wait patiently. If you couldn't receive it within 80 days, let your brother contact China Post as soon as possible to make sure if it's lost on the way. This kind of package is also easy to be lost.
So if there are no updates in the tracking system, how do i know that my package has arrived?
You can contact the post service of your country to ask if it has been arrived I think.

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