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Nike Shoes and Not Babolat


Today, Feb. 20, 2017, I received two boxes of Nike Shoes, size 8 in two different colors and style. I did not order these, but it had my name and address. I ordered 3 pairs of Ladies Babolat tennis shoes from ULTW ORDER #1002 which is on the label. I would like an explanation as to why I'm getting these instead of what I ordered. How do I return this so I'm not charged for them.

This is the tracking number LT 803 028 716 CN

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Do you mean you didn't pay for the shoes and you got them?

These two Nike Shoes are sent from Beijing, China. I think these may be sent by the same seller with the one from whose you ordered 3 pairs of Ladies Babolat tennis shoes. The seller may send the wrong ones to you. You'd better contact the seller to ask if its him sent them by mistake.
I have tried to contact ULTW several times and I cannot get a reply from them. At this point I cannot check with them. All I have is my original order for the Babolat shoes. I'm now requesting a return label so I can send these shoes back to China. I don't feel that I should have to pay the shipping costs. If I cannot get what I ordered, I prefer canceling it and crediting my Visa. Any help in this matter about returning these Nike shoes would help. I can print the label if you could send it to me. Thank you.
If you couldn't contact ULTW successfully, it's impossible for you return it back to them as they should provide you the address to receive them.

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