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can you delivery my paket once again


I make order for some shoes,paket is come till my city but we be out from county and we didn`t pick up the paket
and paket go back to China.
Can you send it to me again my paket but on another address
tracking nr. RS133025073CN
Zoran Zivanovic
Hesekillegatan 60
231 54 Trellenorg

Big regards Zoran

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Hi Zoran,

Where did you buy the shoes? We are sorry that we have no right to delivery my packet once again.

First, you need to contact the seller to make sure if he has got the shoes returned. You also need to login the account to check the time limitation they set for you to receive the shoes. If the time has expired, they will get your payment and you get nothing. You should ask them to extend the time limitation for you to receive the shoes.

Then, you should ask them to send the packet again to the address you required. But I think they may ask for more transportation cost.
I am send e—mail to them several times but they didnt answer,and I dont know what to do.
If you can find paket under this tracking nummber it will be very good to resended to me,because that is for children.

Regards Zoran
I suggest you to call +86 10 11185 which is the China Post service number to ask if they could resend it to you with a different address. For English service, press 8 after you hear some Chinese words.
Thanks for the phone nummber.
I am try to call but it's not work with number 8 when I hear the voice,can you help,or I will loat 177 $.
Regards Zoran

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