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Need postcode & this company legit?


Is this address correct and legit? Need postcode?
Company - Guangzhou Huan Yi Trade Co Ltd
Address - No.6, No.2 freight station, Yunxiao Road
Baiyun District, Guangzhou
Address correct??
Postcode - ???
Phone number - 18928943683 ( is this number correct) ??
I need to know as I have been sent the wrong pair of shoes and I did request a refund of money, next thing has sent several emails now they are saying they are away but today the shoes showed up
Also, is this person a real person ”Wenhao He”?

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The postal code is 510403 for Yunxiao Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou. I couldn't find that company. Not sure it's a correct one. If you could get connected with the seller, better contact them to ask the right one if you want to return it back.
Hi Kerri-Ann, did you have any luck getting your items purchased or getting in touch with this company? I ordered 2 sets of luggages online and received fake Ray Bans instead. Can't seem to get in touch with seller! Have you had any contact from them?
I had a similar problem. Ordered a pair of Kurt Geiger shoes. was sent a completely different pair. Have returned this for exchange/refund and have sent several e-mails via their website. Have neither had a response, nor the correct item, nor a refund. Kerri-Ann, is there another e-mail address where they are likely to respond?
Hi, I want to ask you Kerri Ann how you contact with this seller? Do you have any e-mail or something?I have this same problem with wrong pairs of shoes, but i can' t contact with them.
Same problem ordered some shoes and i received fake ray bans.What is there email address.
I received a very bad copy of ray bans instead of the shoes ordered. Very expensive mistake! No answer to any of my emails. Scammed!!
I need to find that seller how did you contect him?
I have the same issue, ordered alegria boots got fake ray bans no contact on email did anyone have success with this company, think it's an expensive mistake, did anyone try to ring the number?
I have received Cialis and Viagra pills from the address above. Fake drugs?
Further to the lady Kerri who asked about this company can you tell us if the address is real, the phone number and the person. If so these people are frauds and need to be held accountable, are you able to help in anyway of finding out ow to contact them please.
Everybody here got scammed. I got the ray bans as well. I trusted the bad english all over their website. I read after I placed the order about scam websites ending in
We all got fcked over!!! We won't get refunds. My purchase was a $90 mistake.........
We ordered men's Merrell trainers and got some cheap Nike trainers that were clearly fake. No return details, no paperwork. We have traced the seller to an address in Kettering and have reported the company for fraud. Google streetview shows he lives in a very nice pad.
I ordered a pair of shoes from UK website was sent Ray bans. Can't get hold of anyone in UK.
Bank are looking into it. Don't hold out any hope.
Purchased a pair of Naot Shoes received a pair of sunglasses
Ray Ban copies with the parcel item on package reads Shoes
The same address as previous listing
And now have sent 4 email requests
My order number is 1002 with GRAFTON
Ref No: 06011GRAF-1002
SC: S4849. SD : S5612(X403)
Tracking number LZ448131845CN

Maybe I will have to contact GOOGLE
This company is not fake or selling fake stuff. It seems to be an address of a reshipper or shipping company.
Got a product from indegogo with this address on it and since it did not have the company name I order from I googled the address.

I WOULD NOT RECOMEND SENDING BACK YOUR ITEMS once again because this doesn't look like a seller address just some kind of shipping company.

I got scammed. Ordered 2each DeWalt tool kits for $400.00 and received 2each 1" x 2" stuffed animals. Please let me know if anyone finds any info on them.
Got scammed this seller needs banned.
Hi has anybody got an e-mail address for that C**t.Fake pair of nike trainers sent
I want to return my ring to you. It does not look like what i ordered and wrong size please. Thank you. Kim Maddox
Hi Kimbis,

Please contact the seller to give you a solution about this.
I have a pair of wedding shoes that are to small. I need a 41 shoe size. Instead I have a 37 7/1-2 to small. How do I return them for the right size
Hi Gardiner sonya69,

You need to contact the seller to ask for the address of returning back.
I received a air purifier that is broke,would like a refund but can't find anyway to get ahold of the seller.
Hi Doris,

You can try to contact the seller to get refund. Or you can open a dispute to the platform you bought the item to get refund.
Happened to me aswell, got sent a fake pair of nike air jordans and i was suppose to get nike tuneds
I received something I did not order: fake Gucci sunglasse instead of an electric scooter! Seems like a scam to me. The parcel I received had this expedient: Wenhao He, Guangzhou huihuanyi trading co. ltd
No.6 No 2 freight station, Yunxiao road, Baiyun District.
Impossible for me to track who sent this, no return note or address contained in the parcel, just the tracking number for my original order!
Lesson learnt: beware of chinese traders with offers like this!
I am one of many buyers who lost their money from Company -
Guangzhou Huan Yi Trade Co Ltd
Address - No.6, No.2 freight station, Yunxiao Road
Baiyun District, Guangzhou.
Why is nobody helping us ? Can you tell us where to report the fraud ??
I ordered an ultrasound that was supposed to melt fat cells absolutely no instructions and no gloves I would like a complete refund just let me know where to send it back
Hi gladys riggs,

You need to contact the seller to give you their address for returning back and get refund from the seller.
I ordered Vanish Polish. It took several weeks to get to me, but it arrived and it works. I believe this is just the shipper at this address--exact same address. What I ordered arrived as ordered, nothing extra.

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