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Hi good day. I hope a china-post representative can assist me. I have a parcel that the status says its was returned. Now there is no activity on this parcel for over 40 days. The sender also has not received the returned parcel. Please can I get some detailed info about this package.

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I did an order in 10th May 2020 and the parcel has been shipped on 12th May 2020 with the track number LA986401714CN. After more than a month I can see "Arrive at the Sita processing center" for 4 times in a row in the delivery history. What does it really mean? I would like to know where really my parcel is and when it will arrive. I did a further order from another company of China this June and it already arrived in UK. Another thing I want to know is: is this delivery by airmail or by train? Because by airmail the delivery time should be shorter than a month.

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Hi farhaad,

It's on the way bacl to the seller on May 2 and is still stuck in Dongguan now. The return address may not clear. You need to let the seller contact China post (call 11183) directly to check it. The should refund you as it hasn't be delivered in three months.
Hi Wooras,

It's deliverd by train. "Arrive at the Sita processing center" are processing centers in some other countries.
Thank you

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Hi, why I haven't had an update on the package for more than 2 weeks, (update blocked on June 5th) while another package that was shipped later has entered the plane?
Has my package been lost?

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My package has not been updated for 22 days. The last update says "departure from outward office of exchange (Beijing EMS)." I would like an update on this item with the GPS coordinates. The tracking number is LS433766405CN. Please give an update on this package or let me know if it is lost.

China Post tracking: LY849048646CN (2 replies)

Hi staff,
China Post tracking: LY849048646CN
This tracking last update was 8/15/21 and then no update for few day as now.
This tracking last update showed as:
2021-08-15 19:14 上海市, 已交承运商运输
This tracking has not even show any update of custom clearance.
The other tracking usual show update in few day as:
But this tracking has not show any of this usual update after 8/15/21.
Please contact the transport agency/carrier to identify the matter for this tracking of package.
Is this package lost or not?
Where is this package now?
What movement will happen next for this package?
Will this package continue to move to destination?
Please follow up and provide update information for this tracking of package.
Please reply to me in detail.
Mr. Lau.

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