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No updates for over a month


My package CY012805442CN has been in transit for 46 days. I haven’t gotten an update since December 31, 2022. Is it lost? When will it arrive? Are there any updates?

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A month of no updates (1 reply)

It’s been about a month of no updates with my package. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Says “Origin Post Preparing Shipment” since March 4th.

Tracking #: LW554407462CN

No Updates on Package for more than one month (2 replies)

Hello ,
I had a shipment which is stuck for more than one month in Jinhau City , without any updates of progress
How i can know whats going on and what is wrong?
Tracking id: UJ542492551CN
Thank you

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I have an order that looks "stopped" 1 month ago at Yingtan, can you please let me know if this is usual? Any updates please?

Tracking Number is: CP415198190CN

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