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No updates almost 45 days


Hi Daisy, my package EA481403771CN has no updates for over a month. Strangely another package which was handed over to airline was on the same day and at the same time. I have got that package EA481403745CN last Thursday, but this one shows no updates. Do you have any idea what happened? Thank you!

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Hi Christine,

Some packages may be delayed in the middle transit process. EA481403771CN is delayed. You'd better wait for more days to get update.

Greatly appreciated Daisy! Very helpful

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i made two orders,
LY285207573CN and LY284386119CN, they’ve both now been in transit for 20 days with no updates. i’m concerned because the last thing it says is “guangzhou international switching station” while the other says “has been shipped to the airline” can you give me any updates ? thank you.

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Hi, I can't see any updates on my parcel for 30 days now.
That's the last update I received:
-Despatched to OverSeas Postal Admin (From SG/SIN to AU/SYD)

2020-08-12 11:20:32

I don’t even know if its arriving or not, please give updates.

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My tracking number is: EV961948478CN
I'm emailing because there haven't been any updates on my package for 9 days, and it hasn't updated to say that the airline has received it/shipped it. It was posted 10 working days ago, so I'm a little worried as your website says that to Europe, you expect it to take 5 working days, or at most 3-7, but it has been longer than that....

Do you have any other updates please?

Thank you

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