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My package updates


It’s been two days but there’s no updates about my package. ‘Package is in transit, arrived at airport of destination , clearance in process. I just wanna know what’s happening why I haven’t received any updates yet. Please help, thank you.

Tracking no. YT2106421266096533

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Hi lyka,

Custom clearance completed on March 9. You'd better wait for more days to get it.

Number: YT2106421266096533
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Czech Republic
2021-03-09 19:19 Custom clearance completed
2021-03-08 20:19 Arrived at AIRPORT of Destination,clearance in process
2021-03-08 09:28 Departed from AIRPORT of Origin
2021-03-06 23:32 Arrive at international airport to abroad
2021-03-06 14:20 Departed Facility In processing center
2021-03-06 06:59 SHENZHEN, Departed Facility in SHENZHEN
2021-03-06 04:41 SHENZHEN, Arrived at Sort Facility SHENZHEN
2021-03-05 16:03 Shipment information received
EF730716782IE please help me that's my tracking number since November its say my parcel is on Transit am worried if I will ever get..
Hi Grace,

It's sent by An Post. If you couldn't receive it in time, contact An Post or the sender to reflect the problem and get a solution as soonas possible.

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