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No updates for two months


Tracking #: RR343130045IN
My item has been at the sorting facility for two months with no update. It was transferred from india post international and stopped shipping progress the same day. What happened to the package?

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Hi Kelly-bo-belly,

It's stuck in Beijing now. It may couldn't be processed due to the address problem. You'd better let the receiver in China contact China Post directly by calling 11185 to further check.

The receiver is in the US and only speaks English. Will that effect what phone number the receiver calls to validate the address?
The tracking number says it is expired on the china post tracking page. What does that mean? Is there a new tracking number from china post after the package was transferred from india post international?

Receiver is English speaking is in the US, not china. Does that change the phone number that they should call to validate the address?

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