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Note sure status of parcel


I have a parcel coming to Australia.

Tracking Number is LO511739710CN

I am worried customs didn't allow the package to be sent based on the below?
Can anyone advise?

2019/11/29 11:37 Received by Post Office
2019/11/30 7:18 Item held by export Customs/Security SMSGJYJCLZX
2019/11/30 18:52 Item returned from export Customs/Security SMSGJYJCLZX
2019/11/30 18:54 Departure export customs XIAMEN EMS

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It's en route to Austrlia now. Thre will be further update when it arrives in Australia. This usually takes about 15-30 days.
I have a package coming from China. It says it's been sitting at Changsha EMS since March 14. I have no idea if I will be getting this item.
Tracking number is LW586832815CN. Can you help?
Hi Carol,

It's still in China now. You may get it in the midlle of April.

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The shipment had no change in status for more than a month, until today when was delivered to airline transport and returned again with the same note.
Parcel RE023021454
Thank you

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My item number is LZ592202932CN. The repeated message keeps on showing item has been dispatched to designated country. I have been seeing this message every time when delivery status updates. It keeps on showing security return on delivery status note and also shanyang international processing center has been exported directly sealed. What does it mean? Can you please have a look into it? It would be very grateful. 

Thank you

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