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Order is stuck in transit for over a week and no update received


My order has been stuck in transit since the 7th November 2022 and have not received an update as to why this has happened. Is there anyway i can receive an update. All i have is an order number from the seller and a tracking number but my order can’t be found. Tracking Number: ZCEGB2022192881YQ

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Hi Light Star,

It's in UK now. You should get it recently.

Number: ZCEGB2022192881YQ
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United Kingdom
2022-11-30 00:03 EMA EAST MIDLANDS-GBR, Arrived at DHL Sort Facility EAST MIDLANDS-GBR
2022-11-29 21:31 LHR LONDON-HEATHROW-GBR, Shipment has departed from a DHL, facility LONDON-HEATHROW-GBR
2022-11-29 14:29 LHR LONDON-HEATHROW-GBR, Shipment picked up
2022-11-26 09:05 LONDON, At destination country clearance start
2022-11-25 23:55 LONDON, Flight arrival[Local time]
2022-11-25 15:30 QINGDAO, Flight departure
2022-11-24 16:55 QINGDAO, The flight is scheduled to take off on 25 NOV
2022-11-24 16:10 QINGDAO, Customs clearance completed
2022-11-24 10:53 ZHENGZHOU HN CN, Arrived at Sort Facility
2022-11-24 10:10 QINGDAO, Arrived at sort facility
2022-11-24 08:53 XUCHANG HN CN, The package has been picked up in Xuchang
2022-11-24 05:34 ZHENGZHOU, Departed Facility in ZHENGZHOU

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