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Package always returned for security


My package no. RV588506393CN is always returned back and didn't leave country of origin for one month . It is just clothes what is the problem?

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Tracking #LY374094618CN
My package shipped out on July 25th, then on Aug 9th it was "Returned due to security check" then was again "Returned due to security check" on Aug 14th. I have a feeling it will continue to be rejected. There is no reason why it should not pass a security check as it is a keyboard. Is this a common issue that will be resolved on its own?
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Hi I am waiting for my parcel to arrive but it has been returned from security twice. Kindly tell me will it arrive in my country India.Its just a cheap gas sensor without any battery.

Tracking no is

10 Nov 2019
Returned, remarks: security check returned
Guangzhou, Guangdong
06 Nov 2019
Released from customs

Security Return (1 reply)

What does security returned mean? My parcel has been security returned twice and it has nothing that goes against customs regulations. How long does EMS take to ship from China to India?

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