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security checks returned


Dear all
I looking for shipment of RI818362832CN and is with status " security checks returned"
I understood that the supplier will receive the returned item.
After first status " security checks returned" the status of delivery continued to repeat ( four time for the moment)
Guangzhou airport, security checks returned
Guangzhou Terminal, left hand navigation
Guangzhou Terminal, arrival
What this mean?

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Hi Novachev,

What kind of goods do you deliver?

It's really strange that your package has four times " security checks returned" status. There must be some problem with the custom. Wait and see later.
Hi Edvard,
The goods is Salomon running shoes with price 31 еuro
Hi Novachev,

You'd better contact the seller to contact China post to ask the reason. They know how to contact China Post.
Hello I am awaiting a parcel. There was tracing up to 20/3 and then nothing until today.

Now it’s saying

金华市, 【义乌国际处理中心】已出口直封
Jinhua city exported
金华市, 【义乌国际处理中心】退回,备注:安检退回 Return remarks security inspection return

What does this mean? When can I expect my parcel?

What was my package returned and what will happen with it now? LX257730974CN

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