security checks returned

Asked by Novachev | 2/27/2016 3:45:04 AM

Dear all
I looking for shipment of RI818362832CN and is with status " security checks returned"
I understood that the supplier will receive the returned item.
After first status " security checks returned" the status of delivery continued to repeat ( four time for the moment)
Guangzhou airport, security checks returned
Guangzhou Terminal, left hand navigation
Guangzhou Terminal, arrival
What this mean?

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Edvard Munch 2/28/2016 3:06:40 AM

Hi Novachev,

What kind of goods do you deliver?

It's really strange that your package has four times " security checks returned" status. There must be some problem with the custom. Wait and see later.

Novachev 2/28/2016 3:20:25 AM

Hi Edvard,
The goods is Salomon running shoes with price 31 еuro

Edvard 2/28/2016 6:14:43 PM

Hi Novachev,

You'd better contact the seller to contact China post to ask the reason. They know how to contact China Post.

Charlii 5/12/2020 5:19:04 AM

Hello I am awaiting a parcel. There was tracing up to 20/3 and then nothing until today.

Now it’s saying

金华市, 【义乌国际处理中心】已出口直封
Jinhua city exported
金华市, 【义乌国际处理中心】退回,备注:安检退回 Return remarks security inspection return

What does this mean? When can I expect my parcel?


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