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Security return - parcel returned


There seems to be a high rate of parcel being rejected and returned at so-called security check point at CN’s customs. Some bought t-shirts and mine contains dvds . Pls surface this to those working at the customs checkpoint. Shirts and dvds are not weapons or dangerous items. Stop wasting ppl’s time. Stop sending the parcels back and forth like a game of table tennis pls. Do the security checks properly and take the job seriously. My country’s airline accepted the parcel already but it was snatched away on the next day by Beijing customs and rejected. Now it seems to be gg back to the shipper. Bloody waste of time.

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Hi Serene,

DVDs couldn't be shipped. You'd better contact the seller to give you a solution in this case.

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What is the reason for the shipment to rotate with the note returned / security return?
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Thank you

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