Package CH090447125US hasn't been updated since February 6

Asked by Meow | 2/11/2020 9:08:47 AM

How much longer should I wait until, we get some new information about my package CH090447125US.
January 29, I dropped it off at the post office.
February 6th the tracking number said it is in transit to china.
At the moment where is the package?
It shouldn't take this long to arrive in China from New York.

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Daisy 2/11/2020 8:37:30 PM

Hi Meow,

It left US on Feb. 6 and is still in transit to China now. There will be further update when it arrives in China in tracking system.

Number: CH090447125US
Package status: In transit
Country: United States -> China
2020-02-06 20:47, UNITED STATES, NEW YORK, Departed -> Your item departed a transfer airport in JOHN F KENNEDY INTL, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES on February 6, 2020 at 8:47 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
2020-02-04 13:36, UNITED STATES, NEW YORK, Arrived
2020-02-01 08:42, JAMAICA NY INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER, Processed Through Regional Facility
2020-02-01 08:41, JAMAICA NY INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER, Arrived at Regional Facility
2020-01-31 00:00, In Transit to Next Facility
2020-01-29 21:22, PROVIDENCE RI DISTRIBUTION CENTER, Departed USPS Regional Facility
2020-01-29 19:49, PROVIDENCE RI DISTRIBUTION CENTER, Arrived at USPS Regional Facility
2020-01-29 19:34, PROVIDENCE, RI 02904, USPS in possession of item

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