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Package going wrong destination


I bought a few items from a website which were christmas foods from spain. The item was suppose to be coming from america or europe. The website once i purchased the items i waited weeks to hear anything from them, super dodgy and very much seemed like a scam. I than got tracking information finally and i than saw item coming from china? Again very dodgy and very strange? This item has nothing to do with china? I still waiting received my package almost over a month. I am located in Australia, this itsm went to sydney which is not that far so i thought ok should be here soon, nope now its heading wrong direction to other side of Australia away from me? I am shocked this is very unprofessional? Why iz the package headed there? Theres no reason for this, u need to correct this asap!! My details are as follows package is suppose to b delivered to
Name-Manuela Morales
Address-50/38 Brays Rd Murrumba Downs Postcode 4503 ( this is Australia, Queensland Brisbane)
Tracking number- LV359592916CN
I want my package and i want you to please help me by investigating and correcting this error and send to the correct place.

This is urgent, please help and please provide more information please as to whats going on and when i will receive my package, i have waited long enough

From Manuela Morales

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Szöllősi Péter

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