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Package hasn’t got update for 23 days


My package is stuck at the ‘host processing centre for 23 days’. The start of this month. Do you know what country it’s in as there has been lots of host processing centre on the tracking.

Tracking no is RV451682865CN

Hope you can kindly help.

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Hi! It is in Vilnius, it may arrive in the UK in the next days, here is the full tracking:

Parcel# RV451682865CN Tracking Result
Destination: UK , you can also track arrival status in UK
Date Current Location Status
2020-06-04 09:03:09 NULL Order Information Received
2020-06-04 10:12:31 NULL Order Information Received
2020-06-07 10:30:40 Chongqing Package Received from shipper
2020-06-07 20:08:43 Chongqing Depature from Local Sorting Center
2020-06-07 21:05:29 Chongqing Arrival at Regional Sorting Center
2020-06-09 11:40:08 Chongqing Dispatched from Office of Exchange
2020-06-09 17:28:47 Chongqing Departure from Regional Sorting Center
2020-06-10 14:39:54 Chongqing Departure from Sino_Europe Railway Station
2020-06-12 17:52:28 Chongqing Chongqing Railway Station
2020-06-16 17:21:10 China/Kazakhstan border China/Kazakhstan border
2020-06-22 16:35:35 Druzhba ,Kazakhstan Druzhba ,Kazakhstan
2020-06-23 18:09:41 China/Kazakhstan border China/Kazakhstan border
2020-06-29 13:18:51 ZOBL06 Departure from International Sorting Center
2020-06-30 14:02:37 Vilnius,Lithuania Vilnius,Lithuania
How much days it is expected to arrive from your previous experience.

And also how do you get all that information for the tracking, on 17 track it doesn’t tell the country it is in. Do you use a different tracking website. Could you tell me please.

Thanks for all your help!
Hi Hari,

It arrived in Lithuania on June 30 and is in transit to Hungary now. As it's sent by train, it's slow. Please wait for more days to get update. To my experience, it takes about 30-40 days to reach UK.

2020-06-30 14:02:37 Arrive at the destination processing center, Vilnius, Lithuania

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