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Package marked delivered, it wasn’t?


I ordered some hard-to-find surf apparel from a questionable website based in China (because they had it in stock and offered PayPal) and I was encouraged when the seller reached out right away to tell me they would ship in a couple of days and provide me a tracking number. True to their word, the package did ship and they sent tracking info. I’ve never used China Post before so have no prior experience but it definitely is different from what I’m used to. My package appears to have made it to the USA weeks ago but it recently marked “delivered” with numerous timestamps and on multiple dates- I never received it. I called my local USPS because I thought that maybe the package had been transferred to a US carrier. USPS has no record of that tracking number in their system. None of the tracking services indicated which state or address the package was delivered in/to. I figured since I used PayPal there would be a low chance of an address mix-up. I’m wondering if I need to file a PayPal dispute if I want to see my money again, but I don’t want to jump the gun. I’m awaiting a reply from the seller, but in the meantime if anyone can help me figure out what exactly is going on with my package I would be very grateful. The tracking # is: AS411818865CN. Thank you!

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Hi Meva0827,

It's not delivered to your address. It should be delivered by USPS but it's not. You need to contact the seller to refund you. If the seller doesn't reply you, you need to file a dispute on PayPal to get your money back.

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