Package rejected unable to ship by air.

Asked by Frankiii | 11/4/2019 12:36:24 AM

-Why is do they keep returning it, even though it was handed to the airline, and no it's going back and fourth from Beijing exchange to Intern Post, Help please!!!
Package rejected,unable to ship by air

2019-11-04 10:34:55

Package rejected,unable to ship by air

2019-11-02 21:51:08

Package rejected,unable to ship by air

2019-10-31 04:38:18

Package rejected,unable to ship by air

2019-10-30 21:48:26

Hand over to airline

2019-10-21 08:02:16 [GMT+8]

Post office collection.

2019-10-13 13:44:01 [GMT+8]

Received by line-haul

2019-10-12 18:08:03 [GMT+8]

Outbound in sorting center

2019-10-11 15:25:30 [GMT+8]

Inbound in sorting center

2019-10-01 00:02:25 [GMT+8]

Accepted by carrier

2019-09-30 23:32:25 [GMT+8]

Track Your Package

2 Answer(s)

Daisy 11/4/2019 7:05:10 PM

According to the tracking information, it may couldn't pass the check or waiting for the proper airplane.

Frankiii_ 11/4/2019 9:21:35 PM

Oooh, i didnt know that. But one thing i needed to know about if u dont mind telling me, if i reorder this product, after refund of course, and pay for FedEx IE shipping for example, will i have to go through the same process?

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