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Package stuck at ORD over a month - need US tracking number


My package from China has been sitting at Chicago airport fro over a month. Called the airport to track the package but they can not use the tracking number (at025609676cn), must have an american company trakcing number ive ben told.
What can i do?

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Tracking number AT088701703CN. Where are my goods there has been no update for almost 2 weeks.

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According to tracking service, my package stuck in Almaty for more than a month. Tracking number - AS414890492CN.
Can you please let me know why my package stuck in one place for more than month? What is its current status?
Thank you.

Package stuck since more than 1 month (3 replies)

Hi guys,

I need your help. We have many packages stuck in China since at least 1 month and we don't know if the customers will still receive them.

Here's an example
Tracking number: LL971278242CN

It would be great if you could give us further information on this.

Thank you,

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Hi I shipped that package like three months ago. And it was delivered a month ago but got return due to the value exceed the limit of rules. The it just have no update after a month already. Here is the tracking number CJ208819525US. Anyone can help?

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