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Package tracking query


My package tracking number is CP426096276CN, would you kindly be able to tell me what kind of shipment this is (whether it’s SAL or Surface or otherwise), whether it left China and where it could be now? How long should I still wait until contacting seller for a potential refund with this type of shipment? Does it make a difference and would the shipment take longer if it’s heavy (this one is 15kg)?

Thank you!

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Hi Adri,

You need to contact the seller to ask if it's sent by air, SAL or Surface. From the tracking number, I could only see it's a large package. To my experience, if you couldn't receive it in three months, you need to contact the seller to ask for refund.

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The tracking link provided by the company doesn't return any information, however they have provided the following information directly:
"your item tracking information:
Guangzhou, [guangzhou international] has exported direct seal
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Many thanks in advance.

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