Packing goods for sending with surface mail to New Zealand

Asked by Annette | 5/14/2016 10:14:47 PM


Thanks for your previous answer ( by Steven) - He suggested I put it in vacuum bags - but also said you China post need to check the items first - which I understand. So how would I do this ? Would I go to the Post Office, show them the content and the pack it there ? So it means I take the vacuum bags and the pump to the post office ?

Also another question - do China Post sell boxes for putting goods in ? If so, what is the size of the biggest box ?

Thank you so much - this is a great online service !! :)

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Mike 5/15/2016 11:19:03 PM

Hi Annette,

Yes, you could take the vacuum bags and the pump to the post office. The pump sold online is very small. It's easy to take. But I'm a fraid although you put it in cacuum bags, China Post still require you to buy their box to put the good in. But after you vacuumize it, it will be small.

The size of the biggest box is: 530*290*370mm

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