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Parcel has been on transit for long


Hi my parcel from England has been at suzhou customs for a longtime it has been under customs since April 24 2022. What should I do for me to get it ? Tracking code CP721131924GB

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How long does my parcel stay in transit for because it is getting me worried that it is not here yet I ordered 2things together and I received one but not the other as all it says in transit its been like that since the 14 of June no update on my parcel has happened or anything all I want is my parcel xx

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Hi Daisy,
My parcel LP111161514CN is simply taking too long to arrive. I’ve bought from this seller multiple times but this is the first time it has taken this long. It has been 6 weeks since the parcel was shipped and it hasn’t even arrived. No updates at all for a month now. Pls tell me where it could be or if it’s lost in transit. Thank you.

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Hello, I would like to know what happen to my parcel. My tacking no is LP008712449CN. Why is it no update since 28sept..? Is it posted already or still at china..? In transit status took very long & I'm afraid if my parcel is lost. Plese help me in searching my parcel where is it now.

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