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Parcel not received


Dear madam/sir,
I'd like to know about a few of my mail parcels that were said to arrive to India.
I've been waiting since last Sept. for them.
The parcels were sent by non-track able methods like .
I've provided the details below:
China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus - Tracking numbers: 03664246780, 03752960625 & 03761030138.
Would b very glad if you'd b able to help.
Thank'n u in anticipation of an early & positive response.

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Hi Choonia,

They are not traceable. I can only get to know they all sent out in September. For China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus, it should arrive within three months, or it may be lost on the way. I think your parcels have been lost on the way since it has been over three months passed and you still couldn't get it.

If you could kindly provide the email address of Wuxi International Bulk Mail Processing centre it would be best.
Sorry, they doesn't have email address.

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