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parcel status


Please update me about my parcel number CP409404989CN. its almost three months and I have not received my parcel. Please tell me where it is? and how many more days will it take to reach me?

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Hi Fatima,

This kind of package may couldn't be tracked after leaving for some stations of China. It usually takes about 60-90 days to reach your country. If it couldn't be reached in three months, you need to contact the sender to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible.

Number: CP409404989CN
2020-06-22 06:53, Urumqi City, leave the Urumqi Mail Processing Center, the next stop "Urumchi Express Processing Center" (transit)
2020-06-21 22:59, Urumqi City, arrived at Urumqi Mail Processing Center (transit)
2020-06-20 13:09, Lanzhou City, leave the "Lanzhou Central Bureau mainline mail transfer site", the next stop "Urumchi Mail Processing Center" (transit)
2020-06-20 09:07, Lanzhou City, arrived at the "Lanzhou Central Bureau mainline mail transfer site" (transit)
2020-06-19 03:04, Beijing, leave Beijing West Station, the next stop "Lanzhou Central Bureau mainline mail transfer site" (transit)
2020-06-17 14:09, Beijing, Beijing International Mail Processing Center has been exported straight.
2020-06-16 19:00, Beijing, arrived at the Beijing Integrated Mail Processing Center (transfer)
2020-06-15 20:46, Xi'an City, leave Xi'an Mail Processing Center, next stop Beijing Mail Processing Center
2020-06-14 15:26, Xi'an City, arrive at Xi'an Mail Processing Center
2020-06-14 15:01, Xi'an City, leave the "Post Xi'an Mayor An District GuoDu", the next stop (Xi'an Center)
2020-06-14 11:37, Xi'an City, Guodu Post Office has been received and sent.
I donot know why there is a delay in deliveries by China Post to Pakistan. My five deliveries are pending from the last 3 months and I have not received a single one. Is China post delivering to Pakistan via SAL or not? What should I do now? Although I have read on their website that the delivery process has become normal and fast from June. Could you please give me a solution? Same has happened with two of my friends. They have also not received their parcels and are waiting from the last 4 months.
Could you please reflect the matter to higher authorities?
Hi Fatima,

Sorry, we could only help you track where the package is now. We couldn't deal with the package for you. You need to contact China Post direcetly by calling 11185 or 11183 in China to reflect the problem.
Helo, fatima
Please Contact me , I have also some issues with my parcel

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