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When you purchase an item and are told an certain date of delivery and you pay a certain price for that delivery time and you do not get your order during that time or for months afterwards it's called THEFT BY DECEPTION and it is a crime in almost all countries. Look at the city of origin of your package and call the local law enforcement office and file criminal charges against this company for lying and stealing customers money and packages, and pursue it to the fullest extent of the law. It is no where near normal that a package takes 3 weeks at a processing center and there's no customs there. Use common sense if your package hasn't moved in 3 weeks it's because it's stolen or never existed to begin with. Also contact attorney general in your city to file charges so that this company is banned from shipping to this country or your country or claiming they are when they don't. Make it a federal case by filing charges for trafficking stolen goods across state lines and internationally. If you don't stand up for your rights no one will is it a pain In the ass yes is it time consuming yes but in the end it will teach them who they can't mess with and enough do it it will stop. These companies to this cuz no one has ever stood up to them and went all the way. Don't be in the majority and accept this bs be in the minority and DONT TAKE IT, PROSECUTE, AND AIM TO Imprison And shut them down for good.

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Hello, I'm a Police officer attached to the New South Wales Police Force, in Sydney Australia. I'm currrently investigating a drug importation from China into Sydney, Australia. As a part of my investigation, a package has been intercepted with a 'China Express International Express Waybill' being attached. The barcode number attached is 'CT567918439CN'. Could you please assist me in locating who sent the package and if anybody had viewed the tracking of the package online. Regards, Constable Kyle Sonter Redfern Police Station (NSWPF) 1B Lawson Street, Redfern, NSW, 2016.

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The office is processing a criminal complaint for fraud under file number 8150 UJs 1406/22 of the Trier Public Prosecutor's Office. I need information where the two packages with the China Post ePackage tracking numbers LZ945304134CN and LZ944390848CN were delivered. In the tracking I can only see that they were delivered in July 2021 in Germany. The company DHL can not make any statements about this, because there is no own package number.

With kind regards
Andreas Schneider
Police Chief Inspector

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Where did my package goes? Do I have to contact police or my lawyer?

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