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stole parcel


hello, can anybody help me, I'm a people from Europe and bought a dress from China, paid money for item and shipping charges, seller shipped it on February 8 but I still do not got it, I inform about this a sender, but she said "I apologize your parcel disappeared or was stolen" ... How can be like that?! I paid money...
Can I inform about this China police?
My parcel number RG824458847CN
Please to help

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Wed, Feb 08, 2017 00:54
Electronic information has been received

No update since Feb 08. Why did she said the parcel has disappeared or stolen? Has she checked this with China Post? Where did you buy it? You don't need to inform the police but open a dispute on the website where you bought it if you still haven't received it after two months. You can seek for Purchase Protection and open a dispute to the website to ask your money back.
Chinese customs officers stole my package RG824458847CN
!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please explain the reasons why the parcel is not sent RG824458847CN?! There are clothing, 1 dress, no tobacco, no alcohol, no drugs! For what reasons are not sent the parcel? Detained for two months? Is this normal? For the postage money is not returned because it has shipped and the money was paid for the postage. So I ask the China post transfer the money to my account for the postage! If you are unable to send the parcel, refund me postage charges!

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