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It's a rip off


THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMING US. claiming products are shipped and taking our money.
The Atty general needs to come after these people AND FACEBOOK who assists them in running fake ads.
CKELIN was the company that stole from me

How do we know that this isn't Russia funding a war? A terrorist organization? Drug dealers?
As long as Facebook gets money, they clearly don't care, despite many complaints.
And yes, the same responses, no nothing. They will deem it as "shipped" and it's not.
The tracking companies will only say that it's "in the USA" and nothing more.

So let's say I get the card company, to give me the money back..that STILL means CKELIN kept the money. The card company is taking the loss.

If THATS how business is in the USA? Then we are all working for the wrong people. We need to JOIN this idea and start selling crap to China, and never deliver a THING.

I bet if we ran ads making exposing certain compa is, Facebook would quickly ban us.

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