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I paid a 104$ for a saw and received a scarf how do I get a refund


Chen zhijun sent me a scarf when I ordered a saw from him how do I get a refund and return scarf

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Hi jhaase2525,

You need to contact the seller to ask for the address to return it back. But to my experience, it's a scam. Try to contact the seller first. If you couldn't get any reply, it should be a scam.
I ordered Tail lights and received face mask.
Contacted PayPal to get a refund. Fingerscrossed.
I did not order anything from this company. In mail a black sports mask. It has my phone number on ourside envelope. I wrote return to sender .. unipened.
Will check card tomorrow. I canceled card not liong ago.
Is it possible that I receive no debit? My credit cards have not been charged at the moment.
Hi valyfilm,

It's may be a brushing scam that you will not be charged.
We had a similar thing happen. My husband ordered shoes from a Facebook ad and we got cheap child's sunglasses instead. We simple disputed the charge with the credit card company and got our money back and also got a free lesson in being careful when ordering online!
I ordered two inflatable kayaks with two paddles and got an Hermes scarf today. I ordered from a Facebook ad and didn't know I was ordering from China until I got sale-confirming email. My email shows I ordered two kayaks and two paddles. I will dispute the charge if this is not resolved.
I ordered shoes July 31, 2020 from a Facebook ad. I emailed the customer service asking for invoice because it said I paid 68.70 USD, but my bank was charged 72.14 USD. They replied that I would receive tracking soon, which I did. Today the tracking shows delivered and the parcel had a scarf, not shoes. Not happy!

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