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Where are my orders you said you delivered to me????


I have been tracking down my package for months. It wasn’t until recently when I contacted PayPal AGAIN that ANY information was posted. I have been contacting both shipper and carrier with NO RESPONSE, NO UPDATE, NOTHING. These people delivered my product to the wrong address, the wrong state, the wrong place & won’t respond. I plan to contact the Better Business Bureau because this is bad business. Very unprofessional. A rip off! They took my money and what I ordered and kept it or sent it where they wanted to send it. It’s a conspiracy against innocent consumers and a disgrace to honest people like myself who try to support other countries by buying things unamerican!!! This is why. It appears you can’t be trusted. These people took my money, and sent me in the mail a toy necklace black swan that you get from a coin machine at the grocery store!!! I thought it was a gift for my patience because it was taking so long to arrive. I wanted what I ordered so badly I foolishly ordered it again only to be deceived again!!! So you owe me my product twice!!! Then I ordered from another company a product they had the same carrier and the same thing happened. No product. No response. No refund, No satisfaction! This has cost me hundreds of dollars!! My tracking numbers for my products are GHM48948 ordered July 28/ said it was delivered 8/16. This is a lie. Next product tracking number is LY838010035CN Ordered and said to been received 7/28. This is a lie. Next order was tracking number LY845223591CN ordered 8/6 supposedly delivered 9/15. This is a lie. I have tracked my packages and they were delivered to someone in Dearing, Oklahoma!!! I don’t even know anybody in that state or Kansas or where ever they sent my items to They only posted details to shipping information THIS week to cover their tracks but this is all false information! I won’t stop complaining and I will not give up and go away! You took my money. You need to get me my products. Shipper or carrier needs to reorder my property, send it to me and all will be forgiven. I work too hard to be taken advantage of like this. You may contact me. I only want what I ordered. You lied and said you left it in the mailbox… How can you leave a whole table, mattress and yard props for a wedding that’s larger than a refrigerator in a mailbox??? But that’s what your delivery status states. You need to contact me. Better still, you need to send me my things I ordered. You lost my things and you need to pay for them and make this right expeditiously! I’ve waited and complained almost a whole year!!! I still want my things!!!!! 252-661-2854… J Sutton

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Hi Janvelle Sutton,

Sorry, we are only a free tracking platform and couldn't deal with the package. If you don't get the right packages, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible. If the seller doesn't reply you, try to contact your bank or visa company to ask for a charge back. Or, open a dispute from the platform you buy it to get refund in time.

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