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Not received my ordered items



I have checked on tracking for Order Number: FP12708514 and Order FP12708490 I have placed these two orders on 02/06/23 and orders coming from china I shop from before I brought light jacket and took it 10 days and delivered why these taking long time I think the time I will receive the orders is going to a month. why is all show in transits

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Hello, I ordered 8 items from Aliexpress (first 2 items were ordered on the 19th of May, the second 2 items were ordered on the 22th of May and the last 6 items were ordered on the 1st of June).
Tracking Numbers:

Most of the items right now says according with 17track that "Arrived at the Sita processing center" and some that are at processing center at Vilnius, Lithuania.
I've already contacted the sellers and they replied that it's already in Portugal, that I should wait and I should go to the post office. The problem is that my region is in a lockdown and I can't go out unless it's necessary.
What can I do in my current situation? Thank you


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The address is:jiaqin jiang, Building 2, Phase II, New Thinking Enterprise Park, Junhe Avenue, Baiyun District, Guangzhou 19124077936.
I ordered two items (bags) from a company claiming to be the brand name. Instead of my ordered items I received socks. They refuse a refund unless I pay for items to be returned. I am suspicious of this address and of this company. Can you please confirm is this place exists. Thank you

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Where is my my package i have ordered 2 items tracking number is AS810831324CN and the other one is LR009144435CN for this 2 items. 1 items says its delivered but see the delivery address its delivered wrongly. Can you help in tjis.

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