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RV360040800CN - financial bribery is needed?


I haven't received yet my very discrete China Post packet RV360040800CN, the sender of my very discrete China Post packet RV360040800CN is totally unknown, do I correctly understand that China Post and the destination distribution postal center is waiting for some money bribery from me for urgent dispatch of the China Post registered tracked packet RV360040800CN to me?

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Hi Ukrainchuk Vitaliy,

You couldn't receive it. It didn't pass the check and was returned back to the seller on May 12. The seller should have got it. You need to contact the seller to get refund or require the seller to send it again to you as soon as possible.
RV360040800CN - seller is unable to refund money

The shipper of the RV360040800CN informed me that has serious problems with PayPal because of that international packet RV360040800CN as the PayPal blocked that shipper PayPal account, also, that shipper informed officially that the international packet RV360040800CN have not been received back, also, that shipper is unable to sell anything anywhere because of the PayPal block on that seller PayPal account.
PayPal will restore that seller PayPal account only after the international packet RV360040800CN will be delivered to me, also, that seller have been charged 2500 USD for international court case...
You should require the seller to refund you through other ways.

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