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Scam: Received scarfs I didn't order.


To whom it may concern,
I received two scarfs from this Company:
4th Floor, 27, Jiangwan Road, Foshan City, Guangdong
I never ordered any scarf from this company.
How can i give back the two scarfs?
Thank you.
Best regards.

47 Answer(s)

I've also received a scarf instead a NIKE AIR FORCE 1 snickers.
What can I do now?
Funk this.
I've order a pair of shoes nike and received a scarf.
What can I do now?
Where are my shoes?
I received a scarf today that I did not order... but I ordered 4 pairs of shoes I have not received
I have received Fake Ray.Ban sunglasses on 15/9/2020 that I have not ordered. I have ordered Nike shoes with scam site and reported to credit card company. I don’t want these!!
Today 23rd of September I received an Apple Airpods from China of which I did not order - I ordered 6 Oroton bags from now I found out were Scammers Oroton Official Website from China.
The sender who scammed me was:
Mark Tose from Guangdong, China
Phone: 8613642781465
Tracking no. LZ271424799CN
I ordered a Minecraft Lego set. Received fake Versace socks. SCAM!!!!!!!
Received Versace socks that I did not order from the same address. WIll contact my credit card company and get them to make sure no purchases from this company is on my card.
I also received an unordered Burberry scarf after ordering knock-off Rothy's shoes at a FAR-TOO-GOOD-TO-BE-TRUE price. I realized my error immediately after hitting submit and called the fraud control office for my credit card company. That was about 3 weeks ago. They credited my account and suggested I try to contact the company, which I did. The scam company emailed me several times assuring me that they would cancel my order, send a refund, etc. A day or so ago my CC company told me they'd resolved permanently in my favor. You should report this to your credit card company ASAP. Give them the URL for this web site documenting that it's a scam. If you've got a good CC company, they'll credit back your charges. It was just today that I received the scarf, so they apparently lost $7.97 on me. LOL!
I had ordered a ted baker watch and hand bag from what looked like and called ted baker outlet. I received a fake Burberry scarf (hideous looking too!) although I had a receipt emailed to me for £40+ but can’t find the transaction and no items. I replied to emails and they bounce back saying recipient unknown!
I never hear of this site nor ordered anything but recieved today 10/26 fake Versace socks... package was from the same address and had 15 usd value on it

The only thing I can relate to this is very cheap LEGOs o ordered (I saw it under sponsored ad at Facebook and thought it was real because it was sponsored by LEGO with real brand symbol on the page!!!) it was 122 usd I got charged another ago but never recieved the goods... thus disputed with my
Same issue as many of you, received unordered sunglasses. The only items ordered were discount LEGO sets, anyone else have this same issue? Website link no longer works. How do I get my money back?
call your credit card company to get refund
Order Lego ($84), received Ray Ban sunglasses ($15). Wtf??????

02 Jinxiu Road
Foshan, GuangDong
12800 China
Phone: 861-562-2326-174
Ricevuto pacco dalla Cina palesemente sbagliato e non ritirato, dallo stesso indirizzo postale vostro.
Arrivato un paio di occhiali come descritto sopra la scatola dimensioni 10x5x5 peso 100 grammi, codice di spedizione descritto sopra la scatola, contrariamente a quanto avrei dovuto ricevere cioè un Tapiroulant, set elastici da palestra, 1 panca da palestra, 1 set di due manubri con bilanciere sempre da palestra.
Leggo che questo pseudo individuo è almeno 1 anno che fa truffe!!!
Il suo modus operandi è sempre lo stesso!

Received a fake dior scarf instead of a jacket which by the way i thought was coming from the UK, disgusting the way this is allowed to happen time after time. They know what's going on. Why are thy allowed to continue trading. The world should boycott China. Until they top scamming people and stop eating everything that has a pulse !!
I received 2 silk scarves from China that I did not order. My debit card has been debited for these by PayPal, who have rejected my claim. I have reported this to my bank, who have lodged this as a scam against PayPal since PayPal have debited my bank account and presumably have also paid the scammer in China.

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