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sender company info and status delivery


good morning, I've ordered a head phone and never received it sofar. I've reeived a package - sunglasses which I've never ordered. I've tried to find the company who I've purchased the head phone unsuccesfully. could you please help me to give me the company details or let me know when the headphones will arrive. tracking number = RP048245965CN
please inform me who the sender is so I can get an invoice which I've never received also. Credit card is charges for the right amont. thank you in advance, Joris Oosterman

2 Answer(s)

Sorry, the company's information belongs to private information that China Post doesn't disclose to others. So, it couldn't be got through a tracking number.

This package is shipped on October 7 and left China on October 23. Now, it's still on the way to your country now. It should reach recently.
Thank you for your answer. Hooe to receive it soon. Any idea about timings?

Joris Oosterman

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