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sending electronic equipment to Japan


I want to send a small electronic writing board to Japan via China post air mail, but when I went to China post near my home, the employee refused because it was electronic equipment.
But its not really electronic one like cell phone or laptop and it has just small round battery like in the watch.
It is just kind of toy for children.
Also on Aliexpress(alibaba), their sellers sell and send this goods through China Post Air mail.
Their one of sellers told me if I remove the battery inside, I can send it through China post.
But I'm not sure if its true or not, so....
Can you confirm if it is sure? You have to make it clear and answer.

If I can send without battery, can you write sentences in Chinese that I can send this item ?
I want to show your sentences to China post employee near my home because I cant speak Chinese well and also they can't speak English.

Please reply me ASAP.

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Yes, I think the main reason that China Post couldn't send it for you is because of the battery. But I think they may also think the screen is easy to be broken. I can help you write the sentence in Chinese. You can show it to China Post employee to make sure if it could be sent without battery.

Could you send it without battery?

Could you tell me the reason why you couldn't send it for me?

If you need more sentense, just feel free to let me know.
That screen is broken is ok cause i will pack carefully and its just plastic.
I dont want compansation.
so could u make a sentence like

Its not really electronic one and it doesnt have battery and also i packed carefully so it cant be broken easily.

And is there a method to send china post air mail not in post office? I mean agent or .. in beijing. because agent is not really strick.

Thanks :-)
Its not really electronic one and it doesnt have battery and also i packed carefully so it cant be broken easily.
Translation in Chinese:
这不是电子产品, 里面没有电池。我会包装的很好让它不会破碎。
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