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Shanghai, delivered to air transport. No update since April 3rd. LO949282350CN

Asked by Teleolog | 5/14/2020 8:11:32 AM

Hi, I have over one hundred Irish customers who are not receiving their packages. This tracking number (LO949282350CN) hasn't had an update since April 3rd. Its tracking number was originally PR071147755YP but was changed. I have a lot of packages like this and I'm having to refund customers daily because I can't tell them where their packages are. I have no idea if they've actually left China; if they're sitting at an airport somewhere; if they've arrived in Ireland, but haven't been processed. It's causing me enormous stress refunding customers daily for products that I've paid for because delivery is taking so long. If I could at least tell them where the packages were and when they can expect them it might help. Someone please help.

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Daisy 5/16/2020 9:45:12 PM

Hi Teleolog,

Do you send the packages directly from China Post office or through an International express company. In normal, there is no update after it was delivered to air transport untill it arrives in Ireland. It takes about 7-15 days to leave China once there is flight to Ireland. You need to contact China Post or the express company directly to ask if there is flight to Ireland now. If no, it will be stuck at the airport. If there is, it should have left China and still in transit to Ireland now. It takes about 30-60 days to have update showing it arrives after deilvered to air transport. You need to let your customer wait for two months to see.

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