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Shipment not received (stuck)


My order is stuck last move the following : 2016-06-17 23:22 Shenzhen international bulk mail processing center, left .
tracking number 03226182685

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Your package is sent by China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus. It's a cheap service without registration. Also, it has a high rate to be lost. Since it has left China in June and you havn't got it yet, it may be lost on the road. You'd better contact Morocco Post to ask if they have received the package. If not contact the seller to ask your money back.
Now i can't get it's lost , the same thing happened with the first shipment tracking number 02822252816 and i can't find it in Morocco Post what can I do please ?
Hi Ibtissam,

Is the packet sent by the seller? The seller should contact China Post in China to make sure if it's lost. You should ask your money back from the seller by opening dispute to ebay/aliexpress/amazon whichever you paid the money to.

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