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Status of my package EV755635767CN


2020-02-29 08:23
Fuzhou City, leaving Fuzhou International Processing Center, the next stop , Fujian International Exchange Station (via transfer)

it was stuck on this can i have please an exact update

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Hi ryantot,

It should have left China and is in transit to UAE now. There will be further update when it arrives in UAE.
wow, that was a fast reply, thank you!!!
Hi i thought it already left china why is it the latest was still in Guangzhou City as of march 7

Guangzhou City, leave [Guangzhou International Center], next stop [Guangzhou International Exchange Station] (via transit)
Hi Ryantot,

According to the tracking information, it didn't leave China few days before. It's planned to leave China in recent two days. It may be delayed due to the coronavirus in China.
Hi what does this mean?

Departed from Guangzhou, sent to DuBaiHangKongShuNiu( Transit ),Guangzhou,
Hi ryantot,

It means it will be left China and head for UAE.

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