Status of my package UT121432446CN

Asked by valery | 9/25/2019 1:35:22 PM

Where is my package located?

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Daisy 9/26/2019 6:04:43 AM

Hi valery,

It arrived in Ukraine on Sep. 12.

2019-09-12 11:35
Reached the place of arrival

2019-09-10 15:05
Leave Brest, Belarus

2019-09-09 10:01
Leave Smolensk, Russia

2019-09-05 16:19
Leave Dostek, Kazakhstan

2019-09-03 17:12
Leaving Alashankou, Xinjiang, China

2019-09-02 17:03
Leaving Chongqing Unity Village Center Station, China

2019-09-02 09:56
Leaving Chongqing Unity Village Center Station, China

2019-08-22 20:24
Chongqing, arriving at Chongqing Swap Bureau (via transfer)

2019-08-22 20:06
Chongqing, leaving the International Small Pack Business Department, the next stop "Chongqing International"

2019-08-22 13:55
Chongqing City, "International Small Pack Business Department" has received, pitcher: Chen Yuhang

2019-08-18 14:36
Logistics order created

anan 6/4/2020 1:02:34 PM

where is my package ?

Anna 6/8/2020 4:16:34 AM

I have many packages which show the record arrived destination country after they have been left Chongqing Unity Village Center Station China, but nobody see it at Swiss post website. The Swiss post officer said the package are still China, but the sender said the parcel comes by train and are at Arrive at the Sending Place Processing Center . Where is this Sending Place ? in China or in Switzerland ? Where can I ask ?
Here are my parcel tracking number :
Thanks for your help and have a nice day

Daisy 6/8/2020 9:21:45 PM

Hi Anna,

Yes, these packages are still China now. There will be update showing it arrives in Switzerland from the Destination side when they arrives in Swiss. You need to wait for another 20-60 days to get update to my experience.

Davewelly 10/28/2020 2:01:51 AM

What are the declared contents of package RV500967194CN in Customs?

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