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Still havent received package


My tracking # is LT521781751CN.... I've placed the order at the end of Nov. It was suppose to be Christmas gifts and til this day I haven't received anyting. Where is my package

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Tracking result for your package from USPS:

2016-12-06 19:45
CHINA, GUANGZHOU EMS, Processed Through Facility, Your item has been processed through a facility in GUANGZHOU EMS, CHINA at 7:45 pm on December 6, 2016.

2016-12-05 20:38
Origin Post is Preparing Shipment

2016-12-05 20:38
CHINA, Acceptance

It should arrive earlier. There must be transportation delay for it. Better wait one more week and see if it could arrive. If it couldn't, contact the seller and open dispute as soon as possible.
I have paid for TV antenna and have not received my parcel can you please sort this
Hi John,

What's the tracking number?

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