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Still not got the parcel after it reached my country



My parcel is stuck in my country's Chennai Post Office from past 5 days, please see below latest tracking results and please tell me exactly when will i receive my parcel.

3/2/2017 5:57:09 PM India KOLKATA FOREIGN LCAO Receive item at office of exchange (Inb) Air KOLKATA AIRPORT SORTING OFFICE
3/2/2017 7:46:40 PM India KOLKATA FOREIGN LCAO Transfer from office of exchange (Inb) Air CED LMA MADRAS
3/4/2017 2:44:49 PM India CHENNAI (MADARS) AIR Send item to domestic location (Inb) Air CRC ANNA RD STG

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The parcel needs to take the customs clearance, it takes a couple of days. Please wait

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Tracking number: SY13808044407

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