Tracking for this tracking number AS470264141CN

Asked by James Lynch | 9/22/2020 7:09:46 AM

The last information from 17 Track was:-
"2020-08-11 05:48
AUSTRALIA, local sorting centre, arrived in Australia AUSTRALIA, local sorting centre"
but there is a question mark ? saying "This number can't be found at this moment. It's not available in the carrier's system yet. Please check back later". However, I don't know who the local carrier is.
I have contacted 17Track who responded:-
"Dear 17TRACK user:
Hello! Thank you so much for contacting us.
According to your tracking number format (the tracking number starts with A and ends with CN), your parcel was shipped by the carrier China Post and normally will be handed over to your local carrier, but not local post office.
You need to contact your seller to confirm if there is a local tracking number and confirm who the local carrier of your parcel is.
It is the way how this kind of mail works."
So, basically, I need to know if there is a LOCAL tracking number in Australia and who the local carrier is. Australia Post does not recognise the number..
However, Australia Post
(Auspost) says about Tracking Number: AS470264141CN:-
That article ID is definitely not showing any information in our system. It's also quite odd as usually international tracking numbers only start with the letters U,L,C or E. I've never seen one starting with A myself.
I'd recommend letting your sender know that you haven't received your order. They'll need to follow up with China Post to find out what the situation is.

Many thanks,
James F Lynch

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Daisy 9/23/2020 6:01:05 PM

Hi James Lynch,

We we got is the same with yours. It's sent by China Post in China but when it's in Australia, it should be handed it over to Australia Post. But it hasn't. You need to reflect the problem to the seller and get a solution from the seller as soon as possible.

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