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Tracking number UD175049141YP Correct Information


Hi My tracking number is UD175049141YP and destination is India but it got update today as last mile destination country post number was given as UD315761695MY which is Malaysia which is not right and am worried. Checked further and found that the destination tracking number UD315761695MY that was updated today is 45 days old tracking number where as My item was sent on 07/22 so am curious if everything is fine with my original tracking number UD175049141YP. Help would be highly appreciated

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Hi Devdeep,

UD175049141YP is a correct tracking number. UD315761695MY has no tracking information at present. The package needs to be transited from Malaysia to my experience. There will be information when it arrives in Malaysia first.
Hi Daisy thank you for response. Hope my tracking UD175049141YP is for India and my parcel is coming to India only.

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