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where is my package


please add proper and correct address to package, or please contact buyer/customer, sender has all the correct information:

Tracking# LT493021117CN

2 Answer(s)

Hi Dennis,

Your package was not delivered successfully. It has been returned back to China now. The sender will receive it later.

Tracking result:
2016-12-30 10:22 --Hangzhou City, Hangzhou City Centre (transfer)
2016-12-30 06:17--Beijing, from Beijing to Hangzhou City (transit)
2016-12-21 10:02--United States, did not properly cast
2016-12-21 09:26--United States, did not properly cast
2016-12-21 06:24--United States, reached the post Bureau
2016-12-10 05:28-- In Shanghai, from Shanghai to New York's JFK Airport (transfer)
2016-12-09 01:55--Shanghai, Shanghai postal courier Logistics Centre (transfer)
2016-12-08 22:06--Huzhou city, huzhou city, leaving to the Shanghai City
2016-12-06 16:43--Huzhou city, huzhou city, Zhejiang Province postal courier logistics industry Park Sales Department has been received
I am trying to track this parcel AS135746524CN from China post.What does ordinary mail mean?when

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