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Tracking info is wrong, package not delivered. Where is it?


The above tracking number shows this package being delivered. It was not. Where is it, please?? This is not a Canada Post tracking number. If your service partners with Canada Post for deliveries in Canada, please provide a correct tracking number.

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was delievered to wrong state cant find website where purchased from so no contact info but my card was charged and it was delivered by you to the wrong state im in NC not FL need answers

No update of tracking info (0 reply)

I'm awaiting delivery of parcel with tracking number AS811460813CN, according tracking info, package has been delivered to Slovakia at 1st of December 18:20, but I did not received it. Also tracking info has not been updated since then. Could you please verify where exactly has been the package delivered? If possible, please provide new tracking number so I can keep tracking.

Help! Who has my package? Where was it delivered, because I still don't have it! (2 replies)

My package tracking info, AS750078767CN is showing as delivered on April 2, 2023, but USPS has no record of this package, and I have not received it? I tried to contact the seller, but they're not responding.
Also, the tracking info doesn't show where it was delivered to, or who delivered it! There's no address listed, so where was it delivered? Is there a US tracking number for this item?

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