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Hello, i sent a package to the seller back to China. It was a priority mail parcel package, The tracking number CW711337977US shows information from December. ( this package is going to: Jiujiang Country JiangXi Province) and it hasn't been delivered yet. I need to know what is happening with this package, I need you to deliver the package asap please. Thanks wait for a response.

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Tracking result shows it has been in China on Dec. 14 and China Post delivered it to the seller on Dec. 15 but failed. You'd better contact the seller to let him know and let him call China Post service number 11185 to ask them deliver again:

2016-12-15 22:07
CHINA, Attempted Delivery Abroad, We attempted to deliver your item in CHINA at 10:07 pm on December 15, 2016.

2016-12-14 13:44
Shanghai Exchange Bureau, import each other (internal transit)

2016-12-14 13:21
Shanghai Exchange Bureau, handed over to customs

2016-12-14 06:03
Shanghai Exchange Bureau, import opening

2016-12-07 16:01
In Miami, has been exported

2016-12-07 15:47
Miami, leave

2016-12-07 15:46
Miami, reaching Exchange Bureau

2016-12-06 16:44
United States, has received send
Hello., yes I spoke with them and they said you can try and rideliver the package and if there is no one ,you can leave it at his location and marked it as delivered . they are waiting for you. Thank you
Hi Yisel,

We could only track the package for users here but not provide any deliver service here. You the sender or the recipient in China must call China Post to ask then deliver again or they will not deliver it. It's a easy thing for the recipient to call China Post in China. You are hard to communicate with them as they only provide service in Chinese.
But I have contacted the seller in china and he said he have called the post office there in china and the post office said to him that they haven't received the parcel.

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