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Tracking Number Legit?


I was provided LZ974220017CN on 19/07/2021 for an overseas order I made online. I am concerned because it keeps saying no information on tracking number or could not be found. Can you please check if this is legit & addressed to an NSW Australia address? I look forward to your response.

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Hi Bebot,

There is no tracking information for it at present. Possible reason is the sender just gave you a tracking number but hasn't shipped it. You'd better contact the seller to confirm for the reason.
Thank you for your response, Daisy. The seller has continued to ignore my messages. Not a single reply after my payment. What do you suggest I do? Can you provide me some proof that there is no information for such a tracking number to support me when I dispute this with the respective financial body here?
Hi Bebot,

If the seller doesn't reply you, you can only try to contact your bank or visa company to ask for a charge back. Or, open a dispute from the platform you buy it to get refund in time. Sorry, we couldn't provide you the proof that there is no information for such a tracking number. You can capture a screenshot of the no information result as a proof. 
Hi Daisy,
Before I officially proceed in getting my money back, can I check with you again if the same tracking number above will show any information? I checked online just now & still no information. Appreciate your assistance.

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